Achakzai for supremacy of constitution
Quetta, 04.08.2020 #democracy #pmap #achakzai #democraticalliance

QUETTA: The Chairman of Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP), Mehmood Khan Achakzai on Monday said that Pakistan cannot be run without supremacy of the constitution and an elected parliament by the people.

Speaking at a press conference at his Quetta residence, he added that, “The real issue of the country was not Imran Khan but was unconstitutional ruling and interference of undemocratic forces in the politics of the country.” Achakzai predicted that the existing system cannot be run as it is anymore and was nearly about to sink.


Condemning the Chaman incident, Achakzai said erecting a fence at Durrand-line will restrict the movement of Pushtoon tribes living at the both sides of Pak-Afghan border which has continued since 1893 to 2015.“Pashtoon tribes have their lands at both sides of the Pakistan and Afghan border and cultivate it for earning their livelihood,” he said. “Thousands of poor people visit border areas of both the countries to do conduct small businesses on a daily bases since the last 122 years without a passport.” The PkMAP chairman said that Pakistan would face a negative impact on the border closure from Zahidan to Chaman that would create anger and misunderstandings.

Referring to the upcoming All Parties Conference of opposition parties, Achakzai termed it as a game of “musical chairs” and added that he will not attend any such APC, which would not include the supremacy of the constitution on the agenda. “I am being careful and would advise Maulana Fazlur Rehman not to participate in it.” He concluded that his party was not against any institution of the country but wanted to improve them for making the country stronger.