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Democratic federalism essential for long-term stability of the country: Senator Kakar

Senator Usman Kakar of PMAP said that democracy and federalism are essential for ensuring the long-term existence and stability of Pakistan which is a compact between four historic nations.


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Unelected forces against civilian supremacy: MNA Qahar Wadan

Abdul Qahar Wadan, PMAP MNA from Qilla Abdullah, said in the federal assembly today that unelected forces were conspiring against civlian supremacy and that PMAP will always stand in the alliance of democratic forces.


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Pashto should be declared co-official in Southern Pakhtunkhwa: MPA Muhammad Ahmad

Muhammad Ahmad, PMAP MPA from Qilla Saifullah, said in the Balochistan provincial assembly today that Pashto should be declared co-official language in Southern Pakhtunkhwa.